• 01. Monitoring the progress of construction Continuous quality control for construction works.
  • 02. Construction Management Coordination with all stakeholders with the goals and interests.
  • 03. Design Development projects of buildings housing and civil and industrial purposes.
  • 04. Architectural Supervision Control the construction process to exactly match the final outcome of the project.
  • 05. Coordination of projects Obtaining the necessary approvals in the shortest possible time and in full.
Medical center "Prospect Medical Caspian" (image)

Binding project documentation to the location, development of a zero cycle, external engineering networks with endorsement with all regulatory authorities and obtaining a positive expert opinion:

Temporary medical center "Prospect Medical Caspian" in Atyrau city.

Медицинскии центр ТОО Prospekt Medikal Kaspian в Атырау


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